Saftladen @ A MAZE. / Berlin 2024

Wait, we have a news section on our website?! We completely forgot about it! 😅

Quick post to let you know that Saftladen be present at the A MAZE. / Berlin festival from May 8 to 11, in the Village area, with a selection of projects by our members:

⚡️ Rogue Voltage by Horizont Computergrafik
🐻 The Berlin Apartment by btf Games
👺 The Masquerade by Adrien Laurent
🦖 The Fermi Paradox by Anomaly Games

Make sure to add all the games to your wishlist, Rogue Voltage in particular as it’s launching in Early Access on May 10!

This is the schedule in detail:

If you’re attending the festival please come say hi, play the games and get some stickers!

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