Lorenzo Pilia

Lorenzo Pilia


Lorenzo is an event producer and curator, mostly known as the programme manager for A MAZE. / Berlin, a role he has held since 2014. He’s also responsible for a number of other game-related events and initiatives in the German capital, such as, Talk & Play, Join – Local Multiplayer Summit and the Civic Game Jam series. He’s also the one who usually takes care of Saftladen’s social media channels and newsletter.

Joined Saftladen at

May 2015


Talk & Play

Talk & Play is a free event organised by, taking place every two months, that provides the opportunity to game enthusiasts, players and makers to meet and exchange knowledge in a friendly, relaxed and safe environment. Everybody’s welcome, regardless of their background and knowledge level: if you like games, we’ll make sure you have a good time!
published 2013