We are..

Maschinen-Mensch Studio Fizbin BerlinGameScene Richard Schubert Firepunchd Almut Schwacke inbetweengames Codecks Jörg Reisig Jörg Friedrich Markus Arvidsson Martin Pittenauer Stephan Hövelbrinks

What are you?

Hey there! We're a group of people sharing a co-working space and working in tech. Most of us are working on independent games.

Can I visit you?

Sure, just send a message through our social net channels so that we can make sure that somebody is available to show you around. Also we love to go to the talk&play events, so you can also meet us there usually.

Can I join you?

Right now we're not looking for new members, but if you are interested still make sure to contact us through our social media channels and let us know about you. Working in independent games is not a requirement.

What's your history?

The Saftladen Collective was founded in 2015 by Maschinen-Mensch, Studio Fizbin, Michael Kuphal, Magnus Hildebrandt and Richard Schubert.

What is up with your name?

Our first co-working space used to be a "Saftpresserei" (juice factory). You could still read the old sign on that building. The name is a play on that and the fact that a Saftladen (juice shop) in colloquial German designates a particularily nonprofessionell business. We like to not take ourselves too serious (we do take our craft serious though). Also good games are juicy. So there you go.